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Never let your success come at the expense of anyone else

Posted by ALoN David on
Never let your success come at the expense of anyone else
Hey everyone. I wanted to share a sentiment that’s extremely important to me, which is to never try to get ahead at the expense of anyone else.

I've created multiple businesses in my lifetime. I’ve helped tens of thousands of people, and (of course) so did people help me. But there is one thing that I have never done, nor will I ever do: make even one dollar at the expense of someone else. In my life, I have never pushed one person down so I could rise up.

Of course, in life not everyone sees what you see, or operates the way you do.

I've encountered people all my life that will happily throw you (or anyone else, for that matter) under the bus so they can get one more step ahead; will do whatever they can to make another dollar, or create a better situation for themselves - as long as somebody else is paying for it.

But in the end the only person they are truly stealing from is them. The universe (karma, God) will make sure they get their due.

This idea means everything to me; I truly believe that pushing someone else down won't get me further up. And that’s how I built my business, every single time.

Anytime I've helped someone, it was always from the pure place of helping, giving, altruism - not the place of “let me see what I can squeeze out of this person!
I never come from the tit-for-tat mindset that I see in so many businesses today.

I know that by operating from a place of love, compassion, and honest intent, I will be a hundred times, a thousand times, exponentially more successful than if I come from any other place. Remember: success is whatever you define it to be (and in my case, it is so much more than money).

The last thing I want to remind myself and all of you of is that how you do business is how you do life. Think about it 😉
Never let your success come at the expense of anyone else.
In business, in life.

Big love, 90X’ers.

-- ALoN

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