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Why a Vision Is Essential for Your Business (And How to Create One)

Posted by ALoN David on
Why a Vision Is Essential for Your Business (And How to Create One)

Do you have a clear image in mind for your business and life? If not, you’re missing a key ingredient to your success.

Without a clear picture of where you want to go—with specific details—it’s going to be nearly
impossible to form a strategy there.

Spending time to tap into your vision isn’t something that should be rushed either. A clear vision allows
you to keep your end goal in mind while you work on your mindset and take action to achieve all the
milestones along the way to your success. It can serve as your visual reminder of why you’re doing what
you’re doing to keep you going, even in the face of obstacles. A vision properly created and executed
allows you to focus on the big picture while also being able to see what self-imposed roadblocks are in
your way.

So, naturally, you might be asking, “How do I create a vision for my business?”
It’s all about thinking big and holding space for what comes to you. Here are some questions to consider
while you’re creating your vision.

  •  Where do you want to be in 1 year?
  •  In 3 years?
  •  In 5 years?
  •  In 10 years?
  •  How do you want to interact with your customers or clients?
  •  How do you want to impact your industry?
  •  How do you want to impact the world?
  •  What great things will people say about your business?
  •  What new opportunities do you want to experience because of your success?

Just as important as seeing where you want to go, it’s critical to tap into the feelings of your vision. This
is why mindset is critical. When you work on your mindset, you begin to believe in yourself and your
cause, which means you can relate it to others in a clear, effective way to inspire them to believe in your
vision too.

  • How do you feel knowing you’ve achieved your mission?
  • What feelings arise when you’ve made your vision into reality?
  • How do you feel when you reach and surpass your goals?
  • What’s driving that passion and energy?

After you get a clear vision of your business and where you want to go, you can take a step back and
create a detailed plan to get there. Now, it’s all about strategy and creating milestones along the way to
get to your vision.

The 90X Goal Planner will help you form your vision. In the Goal Planner, there’s a space for you to
record your vision. You can write, draw, cut and paste pictures, or do anything else that speaks to you.
The important thing is to do what works best for you. There’s no right or wrong way to creating and
recording your vision—just that you do it. Check out our different 90X planners in our shop to see which
one works best for your needs.

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