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The latest addition to the 90X® Planner System is On-the-Go, the digital and eco-friendly choice! You can easily save your notes and transfer them to your physical planner when you need to, or keep everything digital. Customize your look with digital accessories, stickers, photos, colors, and fonts, and you can edit or change it at any time. It’s available in the palm of your hand, infinitely—you'll always have access to as much space and as many pages as you need.

Now you can use your 90 day 90X® Action Planner PDF from any device. This fillable PDF covers one week of your goal planning needs. You can fill, save, print, and start over again and again—all from your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop! It has everything you need to fill out your 90X® Action Planner on the go, no printing necessary.

It’s undated so you can begin your 90 day journey on any day or date you choose, and check in weekly to make sure you are staying accountable to your goals. You’ll focus on your goals, why they matter to you, and the necessary actions to achieve them. 

Each week you have a full spread to plan your week, an area to reflect on your wins and your thoughts for next week. Every 30 days rewrite goals and actions to stay on target. Plus, motivational quotes, daily water tracker, and notes section to stay focused, centered, and rejuvenated.

The Action Planner is designed for people who want to focus on 3 goals over 90 days. For business or personal use. 

This planner is specifically designed to be lighter and easier to carry in a bag or purse, anywhere you go.

If you’re looking for...

  • a complete step-by-step guide to reach your goals
  • a way to form new habits 
  • a system to be productive and stay that way
  • one place to keep everything related to your goals 
  • a progress tracking system that will keep you consistent and motivated so you won’t change or give up on your goals

...then this is the planner for you!

  • Full 90 day Digital planner download
  • Digital file type(s): 2 PDFs
  • Can be printed OR used on all digital devices, including Apple iPad, Amazon Fire, Android tablets, reMarkable Paper Tablet, + more
    • You’ll need a smart device and an app that supports note-taking, for example: 
      • Goodnotes app (available on any IOS device)
      • Notability app (available on any IOS device)
      • Noteshelf (available universally on IOS, Android, and Microsoft)
      • Xodo app (available universally on IOS, Android, and Microsoft)
      • Zoom Notes (available on any IOS device)
      • Drawboard PDF (available on any Windows 10 device)
        * some of these apps can sync across devices (EX: Goodnotes, Noteshelf, etc.)
  • 3 goals in 90 days, undated
  • Weekly and daily breakdowns
  • Weekly wins and lessons 
  • Monthly rewrite of your goals 

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3 Ways to Use Your 90X® Planner

90X® offers all 3 of our planners in 3 user options: the physical planner, the printable PDF, and the fillable, digital planner.

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United States United States

Excellent Buy Excellent Goal Action and Progress PDF

I love this PDF. It has helped me out so much. It has been easy and less time consuming than I thought to plan. Thank you for this wonderful product.

United States United States

Planning on a Budget

I was very interested in trying this product but just could not justify with my budget the very nice hard bound version. I printed the pages and punched holes so I could place in a binder. There is plenty of room to write not like trying to squeeze things onto a daily planner. On plain regular copy paper sometimes when you write on both sides the writing from the other side is easily seen. Use good quality paper or splurge for the preprinted version.

United States United States

Simplicity on every page.

The 90X planners are one of a kind, this action planner (this downloadable fillable version of it) lets me highlight my wanted goals, the design is spacy but not too overwhelming. This is great planner for anyone, especially for beginners and also intermediate plan or goal setters

United States United States

Great for starting your day

I have a lot of things to complete by the day, I can't really multitask without focus. This planner helps me get through my day, it helps me get focused and it also helps me feel rewarded after I've completed them. I use this action planner on my computer

Rachel M.
United States United States

GREAT PLANNER. Hands down THE best!

This planner is like opening up an unmarked map, I enjoy filling it up and I feel accomplished reviewing what I've done during a weekend when I look back at what I've put. This action planner by 90X presents you all the tools you need to plan your day or week or month, you just need to fill it out!

Denise G.
United States United States

HIGHLY recommended

This planner does what it's supposed to do. I highly recommend this. Helps me a lot, keeps me on top of my chores.

United States United States

Focus on the habit and the goals will follow

After getting this fillable action planner from 90X, I wrestled a bit with filling it out daily but once I started to build the habit, my outlook in life felt better. The goals started to follow through and now I just can't separate myself from the 90X planners, I love this one because I'm able to download it on the spot, fill it from my computer too

Alisa T.
United States United States

Change your habits for the better one step at a time!

Rome was not built in a day! This planner is very good, it also changed my bad habits! It's a fantastic guide and it's also saving me time by giving me the space to write down all my thoughts. Quit messing around telling yourself that you'll change your habits tomorrow. Get this and start doing it TODAY

Julie A.
United States United States

A perfect mix! Great planner!

Firstly, I love how the pages are neatly designed, they're pleasing to the eyes and as someone whose in front of her computer all day, these help me calm my mind and sharpen my mindset to keep consistent with my planning for the day. It keeps me in action!