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Limited Edition Launch Planner

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The Launch Planner is a complete organizational system designed to work in 90 days. This 5-minutes-or-less minimalistic planner will help you launch your product or business. 

This undated planner focuses on 1 big goal for the next 90 days, and helps you break it down into monthly, weekly, and daily action steps for your launch. 

Full, guided sections for describing your perfect launch, how you need to act, think, and behave, your target audience, what tools you’ll need throughout your launch, designing your funnel (or map), and tracking your metrics. 

Each week you have a Braindump section, a Big Picture section, and an area to reflect on your wins, lessons, and thoughts for next week. Every day you’ll write new affirmations, read inspirational quotes, water, productivity, and self-care trackers to stay focused, centered, and rejuvenated.

You’ll also get a dedicated, guided, debrief section to reflect, course correct, and re-launch.

The Launch Planner is designed for business owners and entrepreneurs that want to launch a product or grow their business. It will help you stay the CEO while learning to delegate and support your team, so you can focus on what’s important so they can focus on what’s needed.

If you’re looking for...

  • a complete step-by-step guide to help you launch and grow your business
  • a way to form new, stronger habits as a CEO
  • A way to focus on self-care and productivity
  • Ways to bring gratitude and affirmation into your life
  • A dedicated area for everything related to your launch 

...then this is the planner for you!

    • 1 goal in 90 days
    • Focus on launching your product and/or growing your business
    • Monthly, weekly, and daily breakdowns so you can track your metrics
    • 300+ pages, each day on a full spread
    • Space to plan your business needs, audience, numbers, offers, and tools you’ll need
    • 2 full spreads to plan your funnel or map
    • Daily self-care, water and productivity trackers, plus affirmations and wins
    • Available in 3 colors: black, rose gold, and Limited Edition
    • Designed for entrepreneurs and business use
    • Size: 5.25” w x 8.25” h

If you’re ordering the bundle, here’s what comes in the box:

  • One Limited Edition Launch Planner
  • Sticker pack with over 200 motivational stickers
  • Pen, pen loop, and special edition launch pin

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3 Ways to Use Your 90X® Planner

90X® offers all 3 of our planners in 3 user options: the physical planner, the printable PDF, and the fillable, digital planner.

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joanna k.
United States United States


I've been using the goal planner for years and this one is a bit different. I got the bundle which means it came with goodies such as stickers and an interesting pin. This is serious stuff, if you want to launch your business, this is the planner for you and or your TEAM!

joanna k.


I've been using the goal planner for years and this one is a bit different. I got the bundle which means it came with goodies such as stickers and an interesting pin. This is serious stuff, if you want to launch your business, this is the planner for you and or your TEAM!

deMarco A.
United States United States

One of a kind.

I have tried numerous goal setting planners but their layouts are wonky and not to my taste. I stumbled on this planner which seems to be very specialized for the tasks that I needed, this launch planner is a godsend, it's my guide for starting my business. It's also pretty updated in where there are sections for online work, I really don't like to work with computers so being able to fill in my ideas and plans and take a break from a computer screen is great. Highly recommend this!

Jackie W.
United States United States

Definitely a better planner than the rest

I’m a life long journaler, planner, list maker and I really love this book. I first purchased the savor life 90 day planner and tossed it after 2 weeks, I consumed the planner like a machine... The first entry was great and full of uplifting sections. I wrote all the fluff and totally inspired myself, but, by the next week it was just an average planner. The excitement was gone. No great quotes, not very organized, just a glorified planner with the founders success story plastered in it and I had forgotten why I bought that thing. I don’t need a daily planner. That’s what our phones calendars are for. Determined to have a 90 day epiphany I came to amazon and ordered this 90x in white! First off, the white is very sleek! The look and feel of this book already had me hooked. The book is a great size and VERY WELL THOUGHT OUT. Afterward, they came (the 90x) out with a new planner called launch planner, I checked and even emailed them to ask what it's best for and lo and behold, it's designed to not only keep you on track with your goals but on a business level. I've been planning and wanting to start my own business and this planner includes daily actions to work towards. This is a great book for keeping you focused and watching your goals evolve.

Amir K.
United States United States

The best choice for your business, highly recommend you get it

For those who are lost or those who try to get their small business up to the next level or actually launch a business or start a business, this planner is excellent. I'm a small business owner, artist, and event planner. I found myself quite overwhelmed with notebooks, task lists, reminders, google calendars, emails etc. I can't focus! SO I began researching for an actual physical planner. I knew something not digital will help me and I stumbled on this launch planner by 90X, the pages are detailed, it has a lot of interesting features, and I spend at least fifteen minutes reviewing and filling it out. No virtual planner or calendar will do this for me. Things are going in the right direction because of this. Highly recommend you get this planner.

United States United States

Great product, great business planner

This planner by 90X called the Launch Planner helped me with my ideas, set goals, reminders, and the integration to online is what's helpful to me. I'm happy with my purchase. - CJ

United States United States

Get your MONEY'S worth!!!

This is it, this is the planner I have been looking for! This is a very good investment as it'll keep you on track and give you MORE ideas to really give that edge to your small business!! I love it!

Bridgette L.
United States United States

Very unique, not your average planner

This is a very good planner. I'm glad I stumbled upon this, the only reason for four stars is because it's out of this world and I have never come across a unique planner like this before. It's not a bad thing, it's actually a good thing! I plan on getting the 90X goal planners and see how they compare but this one is designed more for small businesses

United States United States

Great product!

The product is as described. Received in good timing. Planning on starting a business and this is helping me tremendously.

Jackie G.
United States United States

This is perfect for small business owners.

LOVE this planner, it's perfectly designed, the pages are motivating to fill, this is a perfect planner!

Maggie N.
United States United States

Efficient planner

Now we are TALKING!! This planner is what I needed and it's so put together meticulously that I can't leave my house without it! If this does not help crush your goals, I'll eat my words. Plus the elegant design is unique, this is a 10 out of 10 stars product and I'm ordering another planner from 90X too!

Danielle K.
United States United States

Nicer than I expected

Wow. The book itself looks sleek and clean, it's amazing. I got compliments from it already, and it is very very useful. I will certainly be ordering more in the future

Ellen S.
United States United States

Great and effective planner for your business by 90X

I do not usually write, leave reviews but this planner has helped me with my business! It's very effective and quite unique from the rest of the other planners I've tried. This is the one that helped me the most, I recommend this

D A.
United States United States

I liked the pages in this book, it helped me with my business

I can't wait for tomorrow, this is amazing. This planner has everything I needed AND more, it's not overwhelming and it's perfect for anyone in the creative field.

Samuel W.
United States United States

BUY this!

If you're starting a business or a lost entrepreneur, this planner will help guide you!