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We created The Best Me-Time Journal to help you be your best “ME” and have your most productive and rejuvenating “ME-TIME” through self care, everyday for 30 days.

As human beings, the only way to grow and be better is to make the decision to be consistent in your commitment, so this journal is here to maximize and facilitate your journey...all in 10 minutes or less.

And, the best part is that it’s all in the palm of your hand with an instant download!

This digital planner focuses on bringing out the best in YOU.

You’ll start with gratitude and affirmation, meditation, and how to create your best day everyday.
It has a self-care tracker to encourage you to move your body, eat healthy, read more, engage in personal development, and, of course, your preferred self-care time.

Creating your best self includes working on improving and tracking habits and moods everyday, so we designed a beautiful way to track them both over the course of 30 days.

In addition, you’ll have a weekly review section to assess your overall productivity and performance. This includes ample space to reflect and plan for the following week to consistently move forward and grow.

The Best Me-Time Journal is designed for busy people, entrepreneurs, and business owners who want a structured, consistent, step-by-step guide through self care practice and mindfulness.

If you’re looking for...
  • A way to form new, stronger habits
  • A way to focus on self-care and productivity
  • Ways to bring gratitude and affirmation into your life
  • A dedicated tracker to strengthen your creativity daily
...then this is the journal for you!
  • Digital 4-week journal download
  • Digital file type(s): 1 PDF
  • Can be printed or used on all digital devices
    • You’ll need a smart device and an app that supports note-taking, for example:
      • Goodnotes app (available on any IOS device)
      • Notability app (available on any IOS device)
      • Noteshelf (available universally on IOS, Android, and Microsoft)
      • Xodo app (available universally on IOS, Android, and Microsoft)
      • Zoom Notes (available on any IOS device)
      • Drawboard PDF (available on any Windows 10 device)
* some of these apps can sync across devices (EX: Goodnotes, Noteshelf, etc.)
  • Focus on self care
  • 1 monthly, 4 weekly, and 30 daily spreads
  • Habit tracker, mood tracker, self care tracker, productivity tracker, water tracker
  • Affirmation, meditation, gratitude, creativity space
  • Weekly reflection
  • Designed for entrepreneurs, business, and personal us

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