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Strategies for Goal Setting Success: Gold & Silver Package Options

$50.00 $150.00

The latest addition to the 90X® Goal Setting System: Strategies for Goal Setting Success!

Your Complete Goal Setting Success Guide 2021

The complete blueprint to reaching every goal, every time. 

In this program you will learn how to crush your goals, understand why working from your vision is important, how to create a step-by-step strategy for a more productive day with less stress and more energy, form new habits that stick, change your mindset, be the person you want to be, do the things you want to do, work from your new story to create a new outcome, find opportunities where others see problems, plus so much more. 

In short, every tool you need to crush your goals in the palm of your hand. 

Included in the Silver Collection:

- Creating Your Vision: see exactly what you want to achieve in your mind

- Working From Your Vision: be that person now, work from that place

- Writing Your Goals: a complete step-by-step strategy

- Find Your Why: the reason that will keep you going when you want to quit 

- Actions Towards Your Goal:  finding the right action(s) to take every day 

- Actions vs To-Dos: learn the difference between what's important and those everyday tasks that drain your battery

- Winding Down: learn how to shift from work-mode to you-mode 

- Learn to Quiet Your Mind: so you can think clearly and achieve more

- What Story Are You Telling Yourself?: where you come from matters and informs where you're going

- Embrace Your Wins: to actually see and feel the progress you've made

- Full 90X® Goal Planner 2.0 PDF

- Full 90X® Action Planner PDF

Included in the Gold Collection:

 - Everything in the Silver Collection plus:

- Daily Routine: that actually works and saves you (and your team) time

- Making Failure Work for You: embrace failure to find the opportunities for growth

- Forming New Habits: to create a new lifestyle

- Forget the "How": and focus on the right plan to achieve your goal

- The 1.1% Rule: to learn how to take the right actions everyday

- Comfort Zone vs. Growth Zone: stay where you are vs creating new levels of success

- Turn Problems Into Opportunities: by training your mind to see opportunities where you once saw problems

- Procrastination: you're not going to have more time deposited into your bank account

- NO = Next Opportunity: don't make "no" about you

- The Best That I Can Do: learn how to make the best that you can do the most that you can do

- Declutter Your Brain: understand why Brain Dump works & how to use it

Full 90X® Launch Planner (NEW!) PDF

Full 90X® Limited Edition PDF

Included in the BLACK Collection:

- Everything in the Silver & Gold Collection plus:

NEW All 3 planners Clickable, fillable, printable PDF's

- NEW Monthly Group Zoom Coaching Calls 

- NEW Online Private Community  

In-depth Video Guides 

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Edwin T.
United States United States
Improve your life, complete your goals

For awhile I struggled with procrastination, I stumbled on 90x goal planners and on the first day I really improved and became happier. This package is everything I asked for and it's a great coaching guide with planners to boot, it's amazing and I've got my life on track. I'm actually more organized compared to my pre 90X days

United States United States
Five stars

I coach and run two businesses, I rely on the 90X Goal Planners for my consistency, success and goal reminders. This one surprised me as it actually has lessons I found valuable, worth a buy.

Francess J.
United States United States
Great strategies!

I liked how it all came with the bundle and planners and the content is a nice addition, I have to really put in the work though but with the presentations, it's helped me as I started filling up my day to day on the planners

Ema G.
United States United States

SImply amazing strategies. I've been applying it to my day to day and along with the planners, I've actually started catching my days for better productivity. I'm more efficient and happier, this is a great buy especially if you've used 90X planners before!

Gaby Q.
United States United States
Comprehensive, precise guide for goal setting success

90X has done it again! I've been using their planners since and these packages not only helped me but it also got me the boost I needed to keep it up especially in my worst of days, if you're looking for a great goal success booster, this is it!

United States United States
Informative must read!

The content is great! It's an excellent package that comes with motivational virtual books, the planners is what makes this worth it, I'm able to print them and share with friends.

Cindy L.
United States United States
These are wonderful, great content!

This is a great resource, there's a lot of content packed in two packages the gold and the silver, they also include the 90X planners and are easily downloadable. It's pretty much a straightforward coach.

Julie R.
United States United States
I'm an author who found this 90x strategy super helpful

I've bought this gold package and it has helped me focus on one of the most important aspects of day-to-day planning. It also helped me rethink my goals in a new way. Wish I had this when I was younger, would have saved a couple of years!

United States United States
Good news and more good news

The good news? This I believe is the full package if you want to see what 90x planning is about, the other good news? The planners come with it PLUS motivational materials, it's an epic package for those who want a boost in life.

United States United States
An awesome package

This is great! The planners help you by guiding you on your day to day, they're fantastically designed and the content inside them is also super motivational. I highly recommend this!

Ernesto P.
United States United States
If you buy, make sure you put in the work

I ordered this and had low expectations but boy they over delivered here. I can't get this in Amazon and I think this is the only bundle type of deal that they have, the slides alone helped me clear my mind and now I'm using the planners as sort of a coach to help me throughout the days. You have to put in work though but you will be rewarded, trust me

United States United States
Timeless and very relevant in today's climate

I needed a boost, I first started with a 90x action planner and it helped me but I wanted more, this package brought it all and it's a good intro to the other planners. I loved the content inside, it's valuable and good for your mental health. This is a buy.

United States United States
Best money spent

Love the planners and a big plus for the motivational content. I'm very sure I'll be reading them again and getting more planners as I knock each month out. Thank you 90X for a great package!

United States United States
I wish I had this decades ago

This is amazing, this package is applicable, the content is motivational and it changed my view on my career and overall life. This 90X package should be mandatory for those who are serious in bringing their life to the next better level. It has everything you need.

United States United States
Ups and downs in your life? You need this

This really helped me and it's instant, as in you get the print outs right away. So I have the planners, I'm finding the launch planner extra useful because I have a lot of small businesses that I manage. I was feeling lost and unmotivated so I knew that this package would get me out of this and it actually did, very useful lessons and I think this is a great deal.